Friday, July 28, 2006

Quik times come on a motorcycle

There is one place where time goes very fast. It is during a motorcycle race.
Have a look at this video and enjoy how the forces of nature all happening at the same time -as usually do- are acting on a guy that is having a good time!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good times for a good reading

Summer time is reading time. So many good books, old books, new books. Many titles, many subjects, many ideas. And then there is TV, radio, and email. Reading books that I have not read and re-reading some that I read a long time ago. It is fun and it is nice! To see the truth of one's existence through the reading of books. And there are journals, magazines and newspapers. I am having a good time!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fox tower and Koin tower

Fox tower and Koin tower
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Nice view of PDX looking east from Portland Hights. Is was such a nice day this Saturday so we went for coffee to the NW district, to 23rd. In our way there this is the view that we had as we were going down the hill from our house that is on the other side of the hill.

It is such a blessing to live in Portland Oregon.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Child' Conception of Time

Jean Piaget wrote a book in 1927 about this topic. The book translated to English in 1969 has been a template for understanding the psychological development of children. The next step is to use these ideas and the framework that is presented to analyze how college students learn and how the maturation process happens. That is in relationship to the way in which time is viewed and used during these critical years.
As professors and instructors normally assume that the process is synchronous meaning that the teaching and learning is happening at the same time, but we must do more research to prove this hypothesis. Which I believe is wrong!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Time for change of constants

The Universal Constants such as c (speed of light) are basic for the understanding of natural laws. However the question has been to question the constancy of the constants. Has G (the gravitational constant) always been what it is today?
Maybe not. Michael Schirber of is wrigting in
/scientistsquestionnaturesfundamentallaws about this questioning.
It is so important because of course this has to do with the initial proposition for the creation of the universe. The laws that govern the universe are supposed not to have changed since they were iniciated at the beggining of the universe itself.
As intrincsic as it is the ratio pi that describes the nature of the circle it has bee since the beggining of the circle

Monday, July 03, 2006

2004 The year I didn't die.

The year 2004 has a special meaning for me. I lost all my upper teeth and had a motorcycle accident in which I broke my left leg. The tibia to be exact, it broke in many fragments and a 10 in. plaque had to be screwed in with thirteen screws. The accident happened July 24, a day after our 33rd wedding anniversary. I was riding the most beautiful road in a gorgeous day, going down from Vernonia to Astoria on OR highway 202. Nothing was wrong everything was perfect! The ride was to get something for dinner after a hot day in the campsite where I had been camping for a day. The gathering to which I was attending was RUN 21 where a crazy crop of bikers gets together for some good time. Maybe I was having too much fun and forgot to remember how blessed I am, and have been. Thinking that all I have and all I do is because I can, not because I have been blessed and that there is some responsibility that comes with that gift.
If I have it, it is to give it away and not to keep it because I deserve it.
2004 was supposed to be my lucky year, and most likely it was! I have always been fond of numbers 2, 4, and 8. For no reason I guess but hose numbers have always been part of my life. Born in 1948, I guess made me like 4 and 8, 48. The nineteen might not have anything to related as (I thought) nothing special about being born in the XX th century.
The “2” of course is intrinsic within the 48, I guess. So now you see why the 2004 was supposed to be a lucky year, and it was! Let me describe the half full glass of water.
I broke my leg, and it did hurt a lot! I went to the hospital and had surgery. But along the way good people and angels came to me. Came to my rescue, to my healing and to my comfort! And most important of all came to teach me a lesson. The family was always there for me, especially the wife, daughter, and son. It didn’t matter that is was two or three in the morning when the icebox had to be refilled, my daughter will get up from bed and do the choirs without hesitation and without any complain. The love of my wife and the care and support of my son soon put me in a position where I was able to work. As classes started I didn’t have to miss a single class. At the college all of my colleagues were so welcoming and warm, they did everything they could to make me feel fine; I could feel their love for a broken-one like me. Everybody’s support and encouragement help to find the energy needed to heal and to work at the same time. It was another proof of the goodness of my life, of the blessed that I was and have been. To be surrounded by all of these friends and family is something that we should never take for granted, as we normally do.
Turning to the good side let me tell you that the people that met were extraordinary, starting with an angel who picked me up and drove me to the hospital, then the surgeon who has hands to perform miracles and one was performed, the first physical therapist who guided me to walking again and help me with the initial exercises at home. The physical therapist who help me during the long days or recovery and help me understand how my knee works and how should work, she has a lot of technical knowledge but most of all a caring way that is kind and strict at the same time.
My old friends and family were there as well as I mentioned before, not that I didn’t think that they would not be there but is that not only were there but were in a way that is impossible to describe. Every single one did way more than what is expected, with loving care and a smile. This is a lesson that I will never regret, even thought I don’t desire it for anyone, as it happened to me I am grateful that it did and think that is another blessing gift given to me.
Mainly the lesson that I am not in control, that it is God who is in control.

This is a picture of our family having lunch at "The Peppers" eating "barbacoa con consomé" and drinking some "agüa de horchata" and "pulque"