Monday, January 04, 2016


It has taken more time than expected. Writing about time is weird. Times is unforgiving.

Winter 2015-2016 has been a time to listen. Listen to my inside and listening to the outside.
No way for me to articulate how this two are connected or disconnected. Maybe they are connected and disconnected. Influenced my Tolle I think I am using this time of 'home-bound' due to a freezing inclemency to ponder about, and meditate on what is coming this 2016. Reading Matthew Hutson's "The Seven Laws of Magical Thinking" induces me to think about perceptions based on superstitions. If we had a great year then we must change luck and have a bad year. Or not! (touch wood!)

Listening to what people say through prejudice, superstition, 'common sense', or true wisdom is part of who we are, not only the activity of listen but the fact that we incorporate such ideas into our own. We make them part of who we are. Listening intentionally to those who we respect and trust becomes the leading activity of a good life, conducing us to share with those around us about what we learned and lived.

     This year I will listen more carefully to what life has to say!