Tuesday, December 24, 2013

This time of year

The idea of time and its word is not the same in different cultures. And will not translate literarily from one language to another. For instance in English we can ask: What time is it? what hour is it in Spanish. One can start a story by saying: once upon a time.."Habia una vez" in Spanish. Or one can say: I have done this many times. Lo he hecho muchas veces in Spanish. In Spanish what time is it? refers to the weather and one could answer by saying: is doing a good time. Meaning the weather is fine. So the question about how real time is or how much time is an illusion of cultural origin remains current. In his book "Time Reborn" Lee Smolin writes extensively about it and is a highly recommended read. For more information visit http://leesmolin.com/writings/time-reborn/