Saturday, March 11, 2006

Not enough time

These past days have gone so fast that is hard to keep track. In many ways everything is going smooth as it should but in other sense this smoothness make it hard to follow in detail what is happening. It is like being on automatic pilot. Following a schedule, meetings and reunions becomes such a rutinary state when at the same time one is looking for meaning. Last Tuesday (i think?) March 7 my dear wife and I had the pleasure of listening to Rabbi Michael Lerner at Powell's books in downtown Portland. He was presenting his new book: The Left Hand of God. But was also -and more important- sharing his views about what is happening in the spiritual world today. As soon as I read the book I'll post my comments.
Also this week I have been busy taking web seminars and enjoying every minute of it. As I learn more pedagogy: some for online tools for hybrid courses and some for adult education I feel a personal growth both in my conceptualization of the learning process and the confidence about content of what I want to communicate.
One thing I would very much like to learn is how to stretch time, as so far I see that there is not enough time!