Sunday, August 27, 2006

Crashing Times

So now I have been disconnected and lsow to respond because my pc crashed!
It is time to think about replacing it or upgrading. So far the benefits of replacing it far outweight those of an upgrade.
I lost data as I had to format my "C" drive and reinstall the software. Lots of pictures and worse of all the papers and thoughts about my book.
So where should I start? I have to repair an rewrite lots of papers.
Luckly some ideas are here in this blog so hopefully I will be able to remember and recreate some of those papers.
Wish me luck!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sad Time Passes Slowly

Last month Roberto Loranca had a terrible motorcycle accident. He was hit and run over by a 16 yo girl DUII. What was this girl doing driving under the influence? What was she thinking? Why did she trying to excape run over the motorcyclist on the ground? Roberto lives in Oaxaca and I didn't know him. Not personally anyway! Now I know him and have talked to him on the phone. I got the news through a forum called motolatino and have been part of a "friends of Loranca" kind of group.
As I think about what happened to this rider my sense of time has slowed down. The sadness of knowing that this young man who became a father while at the hospital will never be able to walk is overwhelming and terrifying. It is such a insightful feeling to hear him on the phone so optimistic about the future as we talk about the "light-weight-titanium" wheelchair that we will try to get him.
First thought are what can we do now, we want everything to happen right now. But we must realize that time will come and that we have to be ready for this new friend as he will be there for many years to come!