Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Year's End

Year's end brings a lot of thinking and a lot of remembering. Thinking about future plans and feeling the moment to be in the present preparing to move into the new year. As people normally spend most of their time either thinking about the future or remembering the past lose site of the present, the present is what we have; not the future nor the past!
beginning of the year-resolutions will bring a renewed effort to continue improving one's life and preparing the way for our children. Thinking about or children is always nurturing and challenging. As we would like the best for them and we desire that nothing goes wrong in their lives but life is life and there is no way that we can stop "things" from happening.
Jorge and I were cleaning the gutters today when all of a sudden he start to slide down the roof. I thought he was going to fall to the ground but he managed to stop using his foot and the cable sustaining the electricity cables. Immediately I got a ladder and help him down. It was a scare! But luckily nothing serious happened but it made me think that in a matter of a fraction of a second something can happen.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time's person of the year

This year the featured person in Time magazine is...YOU!
That is me!
The reason been that we are all using the internet in a way that has surpased any expectation. New sites such as you tube where one can post our own produced videos that could be family, like this one:

pets like this one:

or something related to your profession or hobies, like this one where I did an experiment in my kitchen imploding a can:

The other tool that we can use is a site where we can post photographs such as Flickr: is the site where I put my pictures.

So anyways, it looks that thinking about the new millenium science and technology once again are sowing the way.

Monday, December 18, 2006


The use of cygber-technology in pedagogy and androgogy is changing the way in which we time the learning process. The teaching-learning association through a computer or paralel to a computer changes the framework in the relationship. Schedules can be organized through an asynchronous communication via forums and messenger boards in a way that all participants will be able to fit in, regardless of their individual aptitudes.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

As Time goes bye

Not long ago our cat Lilly had kittens, now that they are grown she is still very loving and caring, this is a good example of how she behaves.