Saturday, November 14, 2009

As Time goes by

Almost the end of 2009 and what is the paradigm that is ruling our lives? Things are changing as always but we feel that all is the same. Talking with son this afternoon and eating a Carl's Jr hamburger we philosophize about what does it mean to be contemporary, as his friend said the future is past now. Some think that we are in the post-modern time but that time is way gone now we are in the post-post-modern time what I call the meta-post-modern time.
The traditional schemes that define the paradigm of our lives have changed we now live in the information age. The age where the world became flat and the future became past. The age where relativism is now more relative that even as more and more connections are found. Everything is connected so everything is related. The infra-relativism or the post-moder times had to give way to the ├╝ber-relativism of subatomic entanglement.