Saturday, November 14, 2009

As Time goes by

Almost the end of 2009 and what is the paradigm that is ruling our lives? Things are changing as always but we feel that all is the same. Talking with son this afternoon and eating a Carl's Jr hamburger we philosophize about what does it mean to be contemporary, as his friend said the future is past now. Some think that we are in the post-modern time but that time is way gone now we are in the post-post-modern time what I call the meta-post-modern time.
The traditional schemes that define the paradigm of our lives have changed we now live in the information age. The age where the world became flat and the future became past. The age where relativism is now more relative that even as more and more connections are found. Everything is connected so everything is related. The infra-relativism or the post-moder times had to give way to the ├╝ber-relativism of subatomic entanglement.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What has the evolution of our society brought? So many things we can use and so many ideas can help us to rejoice. Today we are celebrating the rise of life over death, the triumph of happiness over suffering, the power of good over bad, the reign of light over darkness. It has been thousands of years since men started to walk upright and to use tools to harvest the product of his own seeding. Human nature has not changed that much but our culture for sure has been changing to the point that the driving values and principles have changed radically. As Doug Brown in his book Insatiable Is Not Sustainable mentions we have moved from a culture of "security" to the culture of "Be All You Can Be". This of course is the reason for having today some kind of worship for "greed" and "individual success".
Today we are facing a new challenge where confronted with the realities of new paradigms we need to adapt again to a changing world. Of course this leads us to anxiety and desperation as many in our world want things to stay as they are. Where wealth is concentrating and in many western nations a bigger gap between the "haves" and the "have not" is being created.
Now, as time only goes forward, we have to change for the better. We always say that "progress" is a change for the better and that any change is progress, maybe so! That is my view, my optimist's view of change in our society.
But if we are to change, what kind of changes should we give impulse? and which we should slow down? How can we move together as a world wide community at the same time that we are improving our sense of change in our individual realm and its family setting?
The answer is not simple and will not come in a single idea. But many thoughts have emerged in recent times, one for me is significant. It involves the use of technology to educated ourselves. The use of blogs, internet groups, forums, listservs, etc so to communicate and revolutionize in a similar path as the newspapers and books did when the print-press was developed in the middle ages, bringing the modern world.