Sunday, June 25, 2006


A Greek coin was found with the date CCCVLI BC. I think it would be 346 BC !!!
Some people think the coin is false because the nickel/silver alloy is an alloy not commonly used by the Greeks at the time. The face of Alexander (The Great) of Macedonia is also in doubt as he didn't succeeed to the throne until 336 BC ten years after the date of the coin!
Some other are suspicious because it is using Roman numerals!
But many think the coin is authentic because it was found in Greece!
So far even though I made up this tale I haven't made up my mind. can you believe that?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

New knee

This is a picture of my new knee as it is now working just fine. After surgery (is going to be 2 years this July 24) recup has been fine. Sometime I think is going slow, so times I feel is going fast! How is it that the flow of time depends on how you feel? Weard! This of course is psychological time, time that we make up in our minds. Time that doesn't exists. Time that is 110% subjective.
When I am riding my bike, time has a different meaning, time flows and flies y a way that is imposible to describe.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Daily Scribble.

Every day I’ll try to write a bit about what I see in the newspapers and on the Internet. The idea is to put issues in the context of time. For instance today I real that people are asking about the timing for universal health care. It is time for us to realize that a new moral standard has been set. This standard can be stated in terms of our religious believe that we can do better. Of course it can also be stated in terms of humanistic principles. Is up to us to find the base for our believes.
Other topic that is around is about the timing for democracy. What is happening in the third world today is an eye opener regarding the value of democracy and the need for educated people exercising it. Lack of understanding of reality and of the forces and tendencies that move social phenomena are an impediment for a productive democracy. The two main consequences occur when the people on whom democracy is based is not educated are abstentionism and populism as a demagogical manipulation of false issues to distract voters from core problems that are transcendental to their lives but require some sacrifice.
One might propose that at the moment different areas of our world are located at different times in their historical moment. In this way the classification of world is terms of first, second, and third world reflects a sense of time it isn’t a material value.