Sunday, October 09, 2005

Time in The Physical World

One’s senses connect us to the world in many ways and through many steps. One’s mind interprets one’s perceptions obtained through one’s senses. One’s mind is made of a brain and the interconnections that neurons make that give reality to the idea.
So is it the world real? Or is it an idea? (Old question that we'll not answer here!)

Along human history there have been many discoveries of “natural” laws and phenomena that occurred by serendipity, or mistake! Some discoveries were due to unsuccessful attempts to demonstrate some unsustainable theory such as the existence of aether. This aether had been proposed to explain the transmission of light and its high speed through the universe. The experiment performed by Michelson and Morley as it failed opened the door to a new way of thinking; where the idea of “vacuum” became accepted, and as others -like Lorentz try to “fix” the problem- were very imaginative with their proposals.

Lorentz proposal of a contracting space even though wrongly stated to fix the Michelson-Morley experiment gave support later on to Einstein for his proposal of “time” relativity where time itself would shrink or dilate if the observer was moving relative to the frame of reference. Lorentz contraction –or relative expansion of the other system- is now used with no hesitation as one calculates the interaction of orbiting communication satellites that use electromagnetic signals that have to follow Einstein’s relativity theory.
Time after all is relative, so I’m going to stop here

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Reality Time

Time for some real time.
Does it mean that time doesn't exist because we aren't able to explain what time is?
Reality, Reason, and Imagination are linked through the search of truth. How can one undestand reality? Natural laws have to be universal thus objective and they have to be discovered through one's reason. It is important to realize that human reason is over all dependable even though in some cases it looks like it is not!
Common sense is commonly wrong! So one has to be careful in equating common sense to human reasoning.
All this is to establish a framework for our understanding of time or lack of it.
Yesterday Oct. 1st during the Linus Pauling Award symposium George M. Whitesides (the recipiant of the prize) lectured on some of the concepts about matter that we are in the very beggining of understanding. One of this concepts is the relationship between enthalpy and entropy, as in chemistry one normally relate them in the sense that one is at the expense of the other! This concept makes one think that one really do not know what enthalpy or entropy are about.
So if enthalpy and entropy do exist even though on doesn't know what they are, maibe time also exists even though one doesn't know waht it is!