Sunday, May 28, 2006

Is Time Money?

Time is money the saying goes. Does this mean that time spent is money gone? Or money invested? It depends I must say! Where do you put your money? Where do you spend your time?
Reading and writing must be an instance where investment is.
What is the product of this investment? More reading and more writing, I’d suppose.
Can it be that being able to write without looking at the keyboard is a gain worth appreciating?
This is what I am trying to do!
How happy one looks when the family is around! This is one day as any other day. Is there any way we could see if time is passing by or is it still?

Friday, May 26, 2006

Once a day

One thought that is coming to my mind continuously is: what am I going to do to make the writing of my book possible in this months that I have as sabbatical leave? Typing this letters with the intention to be clear and at the same time distracted by the fact that my fingers are not hitting the proper keys in the keyboard and making me go back and look down to find where the key is, it is just annoying!
My thoughts go all over the place and it takes so much energy to come back to the idea. What can I do? I think I know the answer … practice, practice, and more practice. If –and I will- get to manage the keyboard it is going to be worthwhile I am sure of that. I’m already feeling the feeling! So once a day I’ll write something without looking at the keyboard.

There was a picture shown in The Oregonian yesterday showing hundreds of motorcylist following the trucks that carry the movable Memorial display that is coming to Potland this Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

True Time

When ever we say or hear "I told you so" there is a connection between fiction and fact, between reality and imagination, between two wishes and desires. It is the connection, the relationship that is important not the disconnect. But it is the disconnect that appears to be the important issue here.
Being able to predict or to make a diagnosis of the present relative to the past and future is a good asset that everyone wants, but nobody has. Many claim to have it, though. So let one claim that s/he has it. Then s/he can say "I told you so" and feel sort of proud for being right. Right?