Thursday, February 10, 2005

As Time Goes By, Space Warps

Looking at a candle burn, feeling that time is there without a change! Nothing is new under the sun while everything appears to be moving.
My own concern, my own life.
As I'm cooling down it seems to me that I'm slowing down. Temperature is the scalar measure of the heat (energy) level so as our energy level drops we slow down. Can we think of this energy level in terms of energy density and if so isn't it that energy and mass (the curvature of space according to Einstein) are related? So how are space -with its curvature- and time related? Gravity has been explained based on a warping of time/space. Where is energy in this picture?

Friday, February 04, 2005

Time is slowing down

It is Friday afternoon. After a hectic morning where rush seemed to make time go fast it is now a beautiful afternoon where time is slowing down.
Time for reflection.
In Spanish people ask about time when thinking about the weather, how are weather and time related?
Como está el tiempo? is: How is the weather?
Could it be that time goes faster when the weather isn't nice? Is it going to the beach and enjoying yourself an energizing experience because time is going so slow? Has this energizing effect anything to do with the energy used in the passage of time?
The only way we have to see the passage of time is when changes in energy occur. Changes could be from one kind of energy to another or changes in the level of the same kind i.e. quantitative or qualitative.